Getting started with Gravity Forms Connector

Getting started with Gravity Forms Connector

1. Data Flow Diagram

2. Getting Started

To get started you just need to go to the  plugin settings: Forms > Settings > Xero Practice Manager Connector and click the connect with Xero button. Then save the settings and the connection has now been made! To confirm this we list your categories, staff and templates below in a table format which can be used for future reference.

Now in the form settings for any particular form you can map out the standard Xero Practice Manager fields with your Gravity Forms fields. This is broken up into 3 sections, clients, contacts and jobs. Above this you can choose whether you want to add all upload files to Xero Practice Manager as documents, and you can also add a CSV file of the all the submitted forms as a document to Xero Practice Manager as well!

You can also set an opt-in condition so form submissions are only sent toXero Practice Manager if an and/or criteria is met or not met.

If you need additional functionality, please don’t hesitate to   contact us   we and we can provide a quote for   custom development work .

3. Step by Step Guide

  1. Ensure you have a  Xero  account and you have  Gravity Forms  setup on your WordPress website.
  2. After purchasing our plugin, install and activate the Xero Practice Manager to Gravity Forms Connector plugin.
  3. Note: Before doing this step, please ensure you have no conflict mode turned to off in the main Gravity Forms settings otherwise you will run into errors when trying to connect to your Xero Practice Manager account.  Go to the plugin settings (Forms > Settings > Xero Practice Manager) and enter in your order id and purchase email and click the Xero Connection button, please follow the prompts and you will be returned back to your website. If you are running into an issue in this step and it is saying “You don’t have access to connect any Xero Practice Manager accounts” – please ensure you have enabled to “authorise 3rd party full access” from your user settings as shown in this  screenshot . The user settings can be accessed by going to Business > Staff > {Your Name}, and then go to the very bottom of this screen.
  4. Create your Gravity Forms form with all the fields you would like to sent to Xero Practice Manager, then in the form settings go to the “Xero Practice Manager Connector” tab and create a feed and then map the Xero Practice Manager fields to your forms fields.
  5. That’s it! Now when clients/prospects submit your form a client/contact and or job will be created for them in Xero Practice Manager.

4. FAQ

  1. How do I disconnect from Xero? Simply click the "Disconnect from Xero" button on the main plugin settings page. 
  2. Our integration only creates clients, contacts, jobs, and supporting docs in XPM. If you need any other objects synced, please reach out to our support.
  3. Can I create multiple Xero feeds per a form? Yes!

5. Inline Help

  1. Connect your website with Xero via the main plugin settings page
  2. Create your form
  3. Create a feed and map the fields

6. Screenshots