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            How do I add/edit a page

            Firstly, what are you trying to do?
            • Add a page? Then in the main menu go to Pages and then Add New
            • Edit an existing page? Then in the main menu go to Pages and then select the page you want to edit by clicking on the page.
            Now please follow the below steps to add/edit the content:
            1. You may want to add/edit the page title/name. At the top of the page you will a field where you can edit/add a page title.
            2. You may want to add/edit the page content. Just below where you added/edited the title you will see a main content area. This area may look slightly different depending on how your website was built. We may use the default page editor or we may use a visual page building tool like Visual Composer (pictured below) or Elementor or Beaver Builder. These visual builders provide a whole range of modules that can be added to your page in a visual way and gives you a preview of what your page will look like for visitors as well.
            3. Once you are done click the Update/Publish button.

            You may want to make a page just private so website visitors can't view the page but you can. To do this in the publish box on the right hand side, set Visibility to Private.
            You can also change the website permalink/URL, this can be done by clicking on the blue link just under the page title.
            Need more help with editing the page with your visual builder? Email us and we can provide additional support.

            Updated: 08 Feb 2019 10:01 PM
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