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            How do I add/edit custom posts like testimonials and gallery items

            Some websites may have additional post types that can be added and edited. This includes things like testimonials and gallery items, these 2 are probably the most common, but there could be any number of different post types used on your website. Added and editing these post types normally follows a typical formula/sequence. So we will outline this sequence below:

            1. In your main menu click on the post type name, this might be called Testimonials, Portfolio, Gallery, Services or something else and then click Add New to add a new item or click on just the name of the post type and then select the item you want to edit by clicking on the item name.
            2. At the top of the page is the post title, this might be the name of the testimonial or the name of the job or portfolio item, enter this here.
            3. Below this you might find a range of editing options, this might include adding testimonial information like a quote, or a description for your service or gallery item.
            4. If your post type has an image, like a gallery item, you will also see a featured image box on the right hand side. Click on an existing image to edit and replace it, or click the Add featured image link to add a new image to the item.
            5. Once you are done click the Update/Publish button.
            You may want to make a post just private so website visitors can't view the post but you can. To do this in the publish box on the right hand side, set Visibility to Private.
            You can also change the website permalink/URL, this can be done by clicking on the blue link just under the post title.

            Updated: 08 May 2019 03:35 PM
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