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            How do I add files/media to my website

            By going to Media in the main menu you will be able to add files and media to your website. This can be handy if you want to upload a PDF and create a link for the file that you can share with others via your website or perhaps via email. Once you are on the media page you can simply drag and drop a file from your computer anywhere on the screen and it will begin uploading the file, or alternatively you can click the Add New button at the top. Once your file is uploaded you will see a URL field. Simply copy this URL address and paste it wherever you want. 

            From the media page you can also select, preview, edit and delete media items by clicking on them.

            You can also search for media items from the top right hand corner. 
            By default Northern Beaches Websites doesn't provide access to the Media page because your website assets that are used to build your site are also stored here. To get access to this page please email us. Please be super careful not to delete media items that are used on your site as it may break images on the frontend.

            Updated: 08 Feb 2019 09:27 PM
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