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            How do I edit a slider, like at the top of my home page?

            Your website may have a main slider on the home page that shows different images and text. The slider we use can be a little bit tricky to understand at first because it has heaps of options, but just doing the basics isn't too bad.

            1. First in your main menu click on the slider menu item, this might be called "Home Page Slider" or something along those lines.
            2. You see on this page there may be 1 or more sliders for you to edit, most sites typically only just have 1 slider on the home page, so just click on the image of the slider you want to edit.
            3. The rest is best explained visually because the interface can be hard to explain via text. Please see the below screenshot which shows all the various parts of the interface and how to edit things: 
            4. When you are done remember to save the settings.

            Updated: 08 May 2019 03:44 PM
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