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            How to do I view form submissions/entries on my website

            By going to Forms and then Entries in your main menu you will see a listing of all form submissions made on your website form (if you have one). By clicking on an entry you will be taken to the entry detail page which will show all the fields submitted in the entry. 

            You may have multiple forms on your website, if so you can switch what form entries you want to view by clicking the dropdown next to the form name at the top of the page and you can select an alternative form to view. 
            You can mark entries as read or delete them by clicking the check box next to the entry and then selecting the relevant action in the dropdown located at the top and bottom of the table, then press the Apply button.
            You can also search for entries using the search field in the top right hand corner. 
            Form submissions will also be sent to your nominated email address.

            Updated: 08 Feb 2019 09:45 PM
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