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            How to create a subscription product

            Creating a subscription product is just like creating any normal product as show in our simple product tutorial here. But there are some slight adjustments that need to be made:
            1. In the main menu go to Products and then All Products and select an existing product you want to edit or Add New to add a new product. 
            2. In the Product data box in the dropdown select Simple subscription (you can also create variable subscriptions in the same way as you can create variable products).
            3. The content of the General tab will now appear different you can enter a price of the subscription which can be every day/week/month/year, when the subscription expires, whether there's an initial signup fee, if there's a free trial and an on sale price.
            4. Once you are done press the Update/Publish button.

            Updated: 10 Feb 2019 11:26 AM
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